Bringing in the Light


This has been such a dark and dreary day it is hard not letting it affect my soul and bring me down. I have been wondering how can I bring more light into my life during this time of the year. Filling my heart up so that whatever the weather is outside it doesn’t affect me. So that I can still feel the light inside.
I have been thinking about twinkly lights all around the house some over the mantle and some in the living room maybe I could put some in my bedroom. I have also been collecting candles and putting them all over the house. That does seem to help a little bit but Im wondering if I need something deeper. Something that will last all winter long and into the Spring and beyond. I was able to attend a wonderful training meeting this weekend and the Stake Relief Society President shared an amazing article with us called Sweet Above All That Is Sweet. One of the first things I did was come home and read it and it was so beautiful. It is about understanding the atonement of Jesus Christ better and understanding Grace and what a wonderful blessing it is in our lives. Im thinking that is what I need, a deeper relationship with our Savior. Letting Him be my light that shines in the darkness. Letting my heart be drawn out in gratitude for the many blessings that I have in the everydayness of life. It can be so easy to think of what I might have missing in my life or what I want to have in my life instead of enjoying what is in my life right here and now. So Im going to work on being more grateful and enjoy the ordinary everydayness of life. I want to go back to writing in my gratitude journal and recording all the joyful and happy little things that happen each day. Cherishing the days.
Here is the link to that article that was so uplifting

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