Finding The Magic


My First Discovery on my Quest to find the Magical Places in my Neighborhood and Town.

The idea of enjoying and finding the beautiful in the ordinary days of our lives is very fascinating to me.  Its so easy to just try and survive each day instead of actually thriving.  The ordinary and everydayness of life can seem so very boring.  Yet that seems to be what most of my days are made of very ordinary moment compiled together into a very big whole and I wonder if I am cherishing these moments or are they just flying by without any thought or care.  Am I living simply for the next vacation or holiday.  I would like to change that and live more purposefully and meaningfully.  One idea I have had is to go on a quest and find the magical and enchanting spots right in my own neighborhood and town.  How many of these spots will I be able to find?  When you have lived some where for a long time it feels like you have seen and done everything.  Maybe I have just become used to seeing whats right in front of me and not being open to other possibilities.  Is this how I want to continue living my Life?  Taking it for granted.

I would like to make some changes starting with finding the magic in my everyday and very “ordinary” surroundings.

So Let The Quest Begin!

I would love to have you join me,go and search for the magical spots in your own neighborhood and post them on my Facebook Group.

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